Delphi Spell Checker PRO 3.00: Award-winning Spell Checker for Delphi. Check Spelling in forms, hints, captions

Delphi Spell Checker PRO 3.00

Delphi Spell Checker PRO, award-winning Spell Checking Add-in for Borland Delphi (Delphi Expert). Check Spelling in forms, hints, TStrings and captions in 18 languages, using 26 dictionaries, right in your Delphi 6-7 IDE. Delphi Spell Checker PRO features: Seamless Delphi 6,7 IDE integration No more cut-and-paste No external editor needed Spell check right in Delphi IDE Multi-line Caption editing and spell checking - in Delphi 5,6,7 Multi-line Hint

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Delphi2Cpp 1.6.3: Source code translation from Delphi (Object-Pascal) to C++

Delphi2Cpp 1.6.3

Delphi2Cpp converts Delphi source files to fast and portable C++. The program is based on a complete parser for Delphi 4/5 and yields optimal results by use of the type information of the VCL and other included units. Definitions for the conditional compilation can be set in the options. The CBuilder with its language expansions is most suitable as target, but other compilers are supported too, as e.g. Delphi-properties can be eliminated.

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Barcode VCL Components Generate, draw, and print most popular barcode symbologies.

Barcode VCL Components

Delphi and C++ Builder are supported including Delphi 4, Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE, C++ Builder 4, C++Builder 5, C++ Builder 6, C++Builder 2006, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2010, and C++Builder XE. Features: 1, Allows to draw the barcode symbol to canvas (with scaling and rotating). 2, Allows to print the barcode symbol to paper (with scaling and rotating

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TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack for Delphi 2010 Host Integration components for Delphi 7, Delphi 2010 and Delphi XE

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack for Delphi 2010

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack provides full connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocols. Offering a set of Borland`s Delphi-native, ActiveX and .NET-native components, it allows development in popular environments like Microsoft Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP, ASP.NET and Delphi. TNBridge for Delphi, ActiveX and .Net version available for only $2288.50. Contact us to try them out for free during 30 days!

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Extended MAPI in Delphi 2013.1.28: 'Extended MAPI in Delphi' is a package providing access to Outlook

Extended MAPI in Delphi 2013.1.28

DELPHI # 3 How to save attachments and messages from DELPHI # 4 How to send attachments and messages from DELPHI # 5 How to implement Extended MAPI in NT Service Application with DELPHI # 6 How to Read, Delete and Send messages from DELPHI # 7 How to use integrated MAPI Forms from DELPHI (Loading and Creating a Message Into a Form) # 8 How to use Personal folder (*.PST) files from DELPHI # 9 How to get access to Exchange Public folders from DELPHI

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Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Delphi 5.1: Serial communications library to communicate with any serial port device.

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Delphi 5.1

Delphi example programs. - Includes 32-bit (WSC32.DLL) and 16-bit (WSC16.DLL). A 64-bit DLL is available. - Supports Supports Delphi 1 through Delphi 2010, Delphi for .NET and Delphi XE. - Does not depend on support libraries. Makes calls to Windows API functions only. Can also use with Visual Basic, C/C++, .NET, PowerBASIC, Visual FoxPro, dBase, Xbase++, and COBOL. - License covers all programming languages. - Royalty free distribution with a compiled

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Client/Server Comm Lib for Delphi 6.1: Create TCP/IP Client/Server socket applications using Delphi and .NET

Client/Server Comm Lib for Delphi 6.1

Client/server Delphi component library for TCP/IP and UDP sockets communication across a network such as the internet or intranet (LAN). Allows multiple servers and clients to run simultaneously. Create proxy, chat, file transfer, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP and DNS client programs. Secure and private messaging. Multiple examples and many functions to create TCP client server applications. Works with 32-bit Delphi including Delphi 2010 and Delphi XE.

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PostgresDAC 2.11.1: PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Borland Delphi/C++Builder.

PostgresDAC 2.11.1

Delphi 5-7, C++Builder 5-6, Borland Developer Studio 2005-2006 Win32 edition, Turbo Delphi 2006, Turbo C++ 2006, CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 (both Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007) Win32 Edition, CodeGear Delphi and C++Builder 2009 (Tiburon), Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 (both Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010), Embarcadero RAD Studio XE (Delphi XE and C++Builder XE), Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2), Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3

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1D Barcode VCL Components Generate, draw, and print most popular barcode symbologies.

1D Barcode VCL Components

The 1D Barcode VCL components is a set of components designed for generating and printing barcode in your Delphi or C++ Builder application. Most popular linear and postal barcode symbologies are supported. The database functionality is supported. The most popular reports are supported too. All modern Delphi and C++ Builder are supported, from Delphi 3 to Delphi XE4, and from C++Builder 4 to C++ Builder XE4.

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AltDel 2.21: Script-driven lexical compiler and Delphi source project obfuscator.

AltDel 2.21

Delphi source project obfuscator. AltDel is a 5-phase script-driven lexical compiler that produces obfuscation by lowering the language level of Delphi source projects. The obfuscation of Delphi projects is a deterrent against reverse engineering. Delphi executables are easy to reverse-engineer because they carry a lot of source code information. Good Delphi decompilers reconstruct whole projects, forms, source names, strings, and all. If you don

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